We are proud of the relationship we have developed with our clients. We make an effort to develop and make available training courses that reflect their requirements in specific areas of engineering, design and test.

One such client is NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) at Lewis Field, Cleveland, Ohio. We have been fortunate to have been invited by NASA to provide numerous training courses on-site at NASA GRC. In one twelve month period we presented nine courses as follows:

  • Thermal Analysis and Heat Transfer (1 session)
  • Grounding and Shielding Techniques for EMI/EMC/ESD (2 sessions)
  • Digital Data Acquisition (2 sessions)
  • Digital Signal Processing and Data Analysis (4 sessions)

A total of 230 training seats were filled with NASA personnel attended these classes, which were presented by Richard Leatherman, Robert Myers and Strether Smith.

The critiques of the course presentations were overwhelmingly positive indicating a high level of satisfaction experienced by the NASA personnel.

We believe that the engineering / test personnel at NASA Glenn have been fortunate in having someone in the training department who has actively promoted technical training. Ms. Shirley Livingston has done an outstanding job of promoting in-house technical training at NASA GRC, she has proved to be a dedicated person who takes a great deal of pride in obtaining quality training in a timely and cost effective manner to satisfy her in-house client requirements. She has been supported in her efforts by her department chief Mr. Richard Clapper.