Profile of a TTi Specialist Diploma Recipient

Jay Merithew of Nokia Mobile Phones

Jay has worked at the Nokia ES Mobile Devices Unit in Irving, TX, since 1999. He has been working on the required TTi courses since May, 2000. During the past five years he helped arrange for three TTi courses to be presented on site at the Nokia test facility in Irving, Texas. He also traveled to four "open" TTi courses, for a total of seven courses.

Jay's thesis, which was excellent and was accepted without revision, deals with a dynamic test project in which he was personally involved. The corporate test specification for vibration testing on mobile phones was increased from 500 Hz to 1000 Hz. Jay performed preliminary calculations and tests to determine whether or not their existing test setup could meet the requirements of the new specifications. It was discovered that the equipment could not meet the specifications, so Jay did some more investigations and discovered that the problem could best be solved by redesigning the fixture. A new fixture was designed and fabricated and further tests indicted that the new specifications could now be met.

As Jay writes, "The whole process of becoming certified has helped me in numerous ways to understand not only the principles of vibration technology but the best and most correct way of running tests, building fixtures and understanding test procedures and specifications."

Leslie Landon, Engineering Manager in the Hardware Validation Lab and Jay's supervisor, writes, "Jay has developed all of the testing and equipment procedures for our vibration system. He has trained team members and assisted internal partners from around the globe. Jay's coursework from TTi and his practical hands-on experience have resulted in our capabilities to test Nokia products according to our global and regional requirements."

TTi is proud to have played a part in helping Jay become an outstanding Dynamic Test Specialist.

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